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What problem is Massbit Route solving?

Massbit Route (MBR) โ€“ is often described as blockchain Content Distribution Network (CDN).

No Privacy Concern

APIs are the foundational blocks of how everything talks to each other in Web2 world. As we know, when networks are centralized, there are gross privacy concerns that inherently arise when everyone requests information from a single entity. Centralization is not only costly, it also makes it so the single provider can โ€˜solelyโ€™ use and profit off of users' data.

Globally Distributed & Fully Decentralized

In Web3 world, decentralization is a key factor. When choosing MBR, all of the centralization issues disappear. A community of nodes governed and operated by users forms Massbit network to provide quick and reliable access to blockchain APIs around the world. Community gateways will run like a CDN of blockchains, which will direct your blockchain API request to the nearest blockchain resource node for optimized response time.

MBR is a Blockchain Distribution Network (BDN) that utilizes a global network of servers optimized for network performance. MBR allows the network to communicate quickly, stably, and reliably, all at a fraction of the cost of centralized networks.

Verification Protocol to Improve Network Health

With MBRโ€™s global node network, caching content, and improving route paths, users will see faster response times. The Massbit Verification Protocol ensures all participant nodes will have to stake and get incentives to verify each other. This makes sure they behave honestly.


Importantly, MBR reduces community costs by over 30%. For example, the cost to run a Solana Node in Google Cloud (n2-standard-32) is about 1440 dollars/month, whereas the cost to run it ona bare-metal server is only 400 dollars/month.

Massbit Route is a global network aiming for global solutions.

So, how to join MassBit Route? Find here!๐Ÿ‘‡

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