MassBit Route

Decide which zone to deploy your node or gateway

  • The geolocation of users and Nodes/Gateways plays a critical role in performing and optimizing MassBit Route's dAPI. It's important for Node Providers to carefully consider the location of their nodes and gateways when creating them on the web portal to ensure they are located in the correct zone and country.
  • By selecting the correct zone and country, Node Providers can ensure their infrastructure is well-positioned to serve the high resource demand zones and maximize their utilization. This can lead to increased rewards for serving high traffic in those zones and better overall performance for the network.
  • The profitability of NPs can be enhanced by deploying nodes in regions with high demand for infrastructure, as they receive rewards based on the traffic served by their Nodes and Gateways. NPs can easily identify regions with high demand while creating nodes on the web portal.
Deploy your node/gateway in high-demand regions
  • In addition, users can check the statistics of Node/Gateway count and Request count of each zone in the Dashboard page to determine the ideal region to add a Node or Gateway. If a zone has a low number of Nodes/Gateway but a large number of requests, it is more likely that NPs will be able to maximize their profits in that zone.
Network Summary dashboard