MassBit Route
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Who are Massbit Consumers?

Who are the Consumers?

Massbit Route Consumer are decentralized Web3 applications (dApp). There are many issues for dApps can be solved by Massbit Route.
In Web3 era, the database of a dApp is a blockchain like Ethereum, Polkadot. Running your own blockchain node can require long initialization time. In addition, as your infrastructure grows more complex, you may need larger teams and more budget to help you maintain your nodes.
Massbit Route makes it convenient and cost-effective for your dApps to connect to existing blockchain data-sources

Why should dApps developers choose Massbit Route?

In the Web2 world, we have a content distribution network (Content Distribution Network) that allows large amounts of data such as stream data, videos, files, and web content to be delivered to end-users quickly. These CDN services are provided by the major players in the market like Akamai, Cloudflare, AWS CloudFront and they control the entire content delivery servers.
In Web3, decentralization is key and no party should be able to control the entire network. Massbit Route aims to solve the centralization problem of traditional CDNs by forming a network managed and operated by users.
In addition, Massbit Route provide dApps on-demand access to existing blockchain data-sources through Gateways and Nodes. Blockchain API requests are guaranteed to be proxied to data-sources that maintain good states.
Consumers only need to pay fees in MBR tokens in order to use blockchain API provided by Providers. The fee paid by consumers will be distributed back to Provider for their services.
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