MassBit Route

MBR Testnet Phase II

All what you need to know about this phase of Testnet

About MassBit

MassBit is the decentralized infrastructure for Web3. We work with node & gateway providers all over the globe to help Web3 develop their projects faster, stable, scalable, and more cost-effective through the fully decentralized APIs of blockchain network. More information:​

About MBR Testnet Phase II

MassBit Route is one of the products of MassBit. The main purpose of this Testnet is to introduce the core functionality of MassBit Route to the community that MassBit has been developing over the past few months. Building a blockchain distribution network is a challenging task, as we do not own and manage the nodes or control the traffic flow.
In this phase, anyone will be able to create nodes, and an automated process will select nodes in each zone to allow the nodes to be staked and earn token rewards at IDO. Staked nodes and gateways become part of the MassBit network and serve dApi requests during the TestNet period.
To achieve a global user-operated and governed Blockchain Distribution Network, it is ideal to have nodes and gateways span across different geolocations, in order to maintain a reliable network. This is another challenge for MassBit as we do not control the nodes or gateways, which will result in some regions' resources being underutilized, while others have much more of a load due to higher demand for dAPI usage.
In MainNet, we will improve the token reward mechanism to incentivize providers to run nodes in zones that have a high demand for dAPI requests and earn a higher rate for token rewards.

What’s new compared to MBR Phase I?

  • Staking and claiming the reward for verified node/gateway resource with the unofficial token.
  • Updated dashboard.
  • New UX on onboarding flow.
  • Increased response time: 1000ms.
  • Faucet provides unofficial tokens for users to stake nodes and gateways.
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