๐Ÿ”‘How to join?

โฑ Time: From 18th May 2022

Step 1: Sign up / Log in at https://dapi.massbitroute.net/login.

Step 2: Check the email to verify the account.

Step 3: Set up node/gateway through the guidance.

Step 4: Check the approval of your node/gateway within 24 hours after step 3. Once a node/gateway is selected, the node status shows as โ€œApproved.โ€

Step 5: Join the MassBit discord server and get a token from the faucet channel. Check the guide on how to get unofficial tokens here.

Step 6: Stake $MBT token for approved nodes/gateways.

*Node/Gateway approval criteria.

  • 100 approved nodes & gateways will be expected in 6 different zones.

  • Higher chance for approval: Nodes with higher resources and network bandwidth that provide stability/availability and satisfy the network benchmark baseline have a higher chance of being selected by an automated process.

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