MassBit Route

Upgrade Your Node/Gateway

Suppose you are currently running MassBit Nodes and Gateways. In that case, you will need to have your Nodes/Gateways upgraded to the newest version of MassBit software after September 30 to continue earning rewards. Due to a major change in the MassBit codebase, all currently "Staked" Nodes/Gateways will be reported and no longer be active in the MassBit network starting from October 1.
If you were able to create and stake new MassBit Nodes/Gateways between September 26 and September 30, your Node/Gateways are running the new code base, and they will continue to be active and earn rewards after September 30.
If you would like to utilize your current VM/server/VPS without creating a new one, here is the instruction:
Step 1: Run the following commands on your existing MassBit Node or Gateway
-rf /massbit
rm /etc/supervisor/conf.d/*
Step 2: Reboot your VM/Server/VPS and follow the guidelines below to install the new MassBit code base and re-join the MassBit network Setup new Node/Gateway.
*If you can create a new VM/Server/VPS to run MassBit Node/Gateway, you only need to follow these guidelines