๐Ÿ’ซJoin MassBit with your RPC node

  1. On the Side bar, select Nodes, then click on โ€œAdd Nodeโ€ button. On the Geolocation screen, make sure you select the correct Zone and Country for your node.

  1. On the Information screen, provide a name for your node and ensure that the Blockchain Type and Blockchain Network selection are accurate and correspond to your running blockchain node.

  1. On the Node Connection screen, enter the network details for your RPC node .

  • If your node is associated with a domain and SSL certificate, ensure that you select the "SSL secure connection" checkbox and choose "Domain" instead of "IP" in the HTTP and Websocket Connection section.

  • If your node is placed behind a network proxy that has a custom URL path pointing to your node, please specify the path accordingly.

  1. After adding your Node, please note that the verification process may require some time before your node becomes eligible to serve in the MassBit network.

Node status can also be seen in Node detail page, under the Operational History section

  1. Once your Node becomes Online and actively serving traffic in Massbit Network, network statistics will be available in Node detail page, under Network Statistics section

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