MassBit Route
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Allocation for rewards: 200,000 $MBT per month for 100 approved nodes and gateways.
Total supply of MBR product: 10,000,000,000 $MBT.
That being said, every approved node/gateway earns 2,000 $MBT per month. Node/gateway daily reward (called A) = 2,000 $MBT / 30 days = 66.7 $MBT.
Total reward per month = Number of days in "staked" status x 66.7 $MBT.
*The (A) is only counted when the provider remains node/gateway in "staked" status for 24 hours from the time of staking.
*The target of approved 100 nodes & gateways per month will be changed by the demand of the consumer side (dAPI).
*The monthly reward is closed and calculated every month's last day.
*The confirmation of the previous month's reward is sent to your email on the 10th day of the following month.
*Any concerns, feel free to contact us at discord.