๐Ÿ’ฐNode Provider reward mechanism

Node Provider reward calculation

Node Provider reward claim

  • After the reward amount has been issued for a Node/Gateway, the fund will be locked for a duration of 2 weeks before the Node Provider is permitted to withdraw it. This approach is known as a โ€œwithdrawal lockupโ€, which MassBit decentralized network uses to prevent fraud and abuse.

  • By requiring a lockup period before funds can be withdrawn, the network can ensure that any potential issues or disputes can be resolved before funds are released while keeping the withdrawal lockup time short enough that Providers can still receive their rewards in a timely manner.

** The Reward Claim feature will be released soon.

Node Provider penalty

  • It is important to maintain the integrity of the MassBit network by monitoring the Nodes for their service availability and routing processes. Once a Node has been officially accepted into the network, it will be closely monitored.

  • If a Node is found to be engaging in malicious behavior, such as attempting to manipulate the traffic routing process, it will be penalized by confiscating its deposit. A portion of the deposit may also be distributed to other Nodes on the network as a reward for maintaining network availability. This approach helps to deter malicious activity while creating extra resources to reward fair and ethical behavior and further promote network health down the line.

Leaving the network

  • If a Node Provider decides to terminate a Node/Gateway and leave the MassBit network, they will be able to reclaim the deposit amount that has already been paid. However, there is a lockup period of 1 month from the day the NP leaves the network before they can withdraw their deposit. This period helps to ensure that any potential disputes or issues can be resolved before the deposit amount is released.

  • The lockup period also provides a mechanism to prevent fraud and abuse. By requiring a period of time before the deposit can be withdrawn, the network can ensure that Node Providers are not able to terminate their Node and immediately withdraw their deposit, potentially causing damage or instability to the network.

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