MassBit Route
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Terms & Conditions

  • Nodes & gateways will be active in MBR from now on. However, we encourage you to check your node/gateway status regularly. If nodes and gateways experience technical issues or malfunction, the status will change to “Reported,” and participants will be notified through email within three days.
  • All of the following actions will be considered invalid if a participant has engaged in such acts during the Testnet period. Their rights will be terminated/locked indefinitely: Create FUD and negatively publish the bugs/community testing information.
  • The members who have been active and supportive in the Massbit project will receive the plus.
  • The reward will be partly distributed when we launch $MBT
  • All decisions made by the MassBit team are final and cannot be challenged or changed.
At MassBit, we aim to empower not only developer teams around the world but also end-users who are looking forward to a seamless transition to Web 3.0. Feel free to reach out to us at our Discord if you have any questions.
Once again, please remember to register on our website: