๐Ÿ“ฉTestnet - Staking


  • Once a node/gateway is approved in Testnet Phase 2, participants can obtain unofficial tokens from the Testnet #faucet channel on MassBit Discord server

  • Each approved node/gateway needs to be staked with $MBT token to serve dAPI traffic and become eligible for token reward for the duration it serves traffic in MassBit network.

  • A Polkadot browser extension wallet (Polkadot.js, Talisman, ... )


1. Join Discord channel: https://discord.gg/tJu9TEeRdj

2. Obtain unofficial tokens

We have created a channel named: #faucet in Discord, you can obtain the unofficial tokens by following the guide below:

a/ Enter a message with the following format

/faucet [your wallet address]

b/ The transaction will take a few seconds to process and 1000 tokens will be transferred to your wallet shorty

3. Stake tokens for approved Node/Gateway

On Massbit Web Portal, go to Node/Gateway information page of an approved node you need to stake MBT tokens. If your node is approved, staking option is available next to the status. The minimum staking amount for each Node or Gateway is 100 MBT tokens.

4. Complete

Once your node is staked successfully, the status will update to "staked". Now, your node/gateway is officially joined MassBit network and will serve incoming dAPI traffic.

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