MassBit Route


Who are Massbit Route delegators?

Who are the Delegators?

A delegator can delegate its MBR token to a chosen Node and/or Gateway to participate the consensus and earn rewards. Delegating MBR also directly contributes to the stability of the entire network. This option is suitable for users who desire to participate in Massbit network without the need to spin up Nodes
The minimum delegated amount is 100 MBR. Delegator will receive reward every 1 Era.

Can I un-delegate my MBR?

Delegator can decide to un-delegate staked MBR tokens for many reason. It is important to note that these MBR are subject to what is known as the Undelegate Time, an on-chain parameterized period of time upon which all delegates must wait for their MBR to become able to turn to the delegator.