MassBit Route
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What does provider do in Massbit network?

Who are the Providers?

People around the world are able to join Massbit network. When joining Massbit, the providers have the option to run either Node or Gateway, and create API entry-points to provide Consumers fast access blockchain API through Massbit network
Providers fully own and control their hardware resources when their nodes participate in Massbit network. Thus, the more nodes participate in Massbit, the more reliable and optimized the network become.

Why should you become a Provider?

MBR token is a tool for building network effects and helping with network governance and reliability. When users join Massbit as Providers to run decentralized Nodes/Gateway/API entry-points, they will receive MBR token as a reward from block creation and Consumer fees for providing service and help maintain the network stability.
The Provider reward will be distributed every 1 ERA. Each Era last 24 hours, so a node/gateway need to remain "Staked" until the end of the ERA to earn reward.
Massbit’s goal is to build a completely decentralized blockchain CDN network for web3 and decentralized applications. Therefore, the team wants to encourage more users around the world to participate in MassBit to stake and maintain nodes in multiple geographic locations, to make the network safer and more reliable.
When Massbit network becomes widely supported and distributed, it attract more Consumers to utilize the network for blockchain access. As the result, Providers benefit from more MBT token reward due higher demand in Massbit network.